Near Infrared Sauna

Near Infrared Sauna


Our Near Infrared Sauna comes with an all wood frame (made of untreated poplar wood), a double layer of 10 oz. cotton duck fabric and a removable light panel. Four 250W red heat lamp bulbs which emit near infrared spectrum light are included. We also include a thermometer to ensure your sauna is running within the optimal temperature range.

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The sauna is created by hand and is the perfect size to fit in a bedroom, large closet or spare room. The sauna front is 52 inches wide and it tapers to 24 inches in the back. The side lengths are 52 inches. The sauna is 62 inches tall. The light panel is powered from a 15 foot cord that fits a standard US outlet. Operating the sauna for 1 hour costs less than $0.25 in most locations.



The light panel is made of untreated poplar wood with a small amount of non-toxic wood glue to create the panel. The sockets are made of porcelain.


There are two switches on the front of the panel. The first switch controls the top three lights. The second switch controls the bottom, fourth light, enabling single light therapy or spot treatment. There is also a handle on top of the light panel for easy transport and height adjustments.

We provide four 250 Watt red near infrared light bulbs from either Philips or GE depending on availability for speedy shipping. The lights will arrive in a separate box. All of the products we sell, including the light bulbs, are approved by Dr. Lawrence Wilson for safe and effective sauna therapy.


Assembly is simple and can be done by one person in less than 30 minutes, typically. Having two people will make assembly easier and faster. You will need a flathead screwdriver and a hammer.

You may wish to use a stool in the sauna and towels or a mat to protect the floor. These are not included. You may lower the light panel to the floor and sit on the floor, if you desire. The light panel is fully height adjustable.


The covers and curtain are machine washable. We use a special canvas that is sanforized (preshrunk using only steam instead of using chemicals which is standard even on organic cotton). The canvas is untreated and un-dyed reducing the risk of off-gassing. We use 100% cotton thread in its un-dyed natural color to stitch the covers together. We go so far as to sew the curtain loops out of the same material and thread. Every consideration has been made for the aesthetic and safety of our product!


Our sauna is proven to reach 135 degrees Farenheit when preheated in an indoor room. Optimal detox temperature in a near infrared sauna is 110-115 degrees. You can vent your sauna by opening the curtain slightly, ensuring fresh air and maintaining an ideal temperature, or you can turn off the 4th light if the sauna is warmer than you would like. With the included thermometer, you can be confident you are using the sauna safely and effectively.


Our saunas ship in under 5-15 business days and will arrive via FedEx with a tracking number. Shipping is always free wtihin the US and Canada. Please see Shipping + Returns for more information on shipping to Canada. You will receive three boxes. One box will contain the light panel and canvas covers. The second box will contain the frame and thermometer. The third box will contain the light bulbs. We know you are excited for your sauna and want to get it to you as soon as possible!


If you have questions that aren't answered here, please give us a call at 804-357-4001.