Near Infrared Light Panel

Near Infrared Light Panel

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Experience the healing benefits of near infrared light therapy in any space in your home!

Our near infrared light panel accommodates four 250W near infrared light bulbs (R40) (included). It can be used alone for spot treatment or in a small space such as a shower or bathroom to create a sauna-like environment. It is easily portable to take with you when you travel with an included top carrying handle.

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Our panel is 24 inches wide, 16 inches tall (+ 3/4 inch for the handle) and 8 inches deep with the lights attached.

It weighs approximately 12 pounds.


The light panel is made of untreated poplar wood with a small amount of non-toxic wood glue. The sockets are made of porcelain.


Our panel has two switches on the front. One controls the top three lights and the second switch is for the bottom, fourth light. All of the wiring is fully enclosed between the front and back panels.

We provide four 250 Watt red near infrared light bulbs from either Philips or GE depending on availability for speedy shipping. The lights will arrive in a separate box. All of the products we sell, including the light bulbs, are approved by Dr. Lawrence Wilson for safe and effective sauna therapy.


There is a chrome handle on top for hanging or carrying.

The fifteen foot extension cord gives you the flexibility to hang or place the panel wherever is most convenient.

Should you wish to convert this to a full near infrared sauna in the future, you may contact us to purchase the frame and covers separately.

If you would like a wire mesh guard that loops over the entire panel, please purchase the panel with mesh. The mesh will arrive cut to size. All you need to do is tac the mesh on the top and bottom with a hammer and the included nails. (Picture coming soon!)


Because we make every panel to order, your product will ship in 5-15 business days. We are happy to provide small customizations at no charge. These may include orienting the panel with the shorter sides as top and bottom to fit in a smaller space or small changes to the size to fit your needs. Larger or more extensive customizations will be considered and quoted separately. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.