Frequently Asked Questions

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how much is shipping?

We ship via FedEx to the USA. Shipping is free to the 50 United States.

We do not currently ship products internationally. Please see Shipping + Returns for more information.

When will my product ship?

We make every product to order and make every effort to fulfill the order as quickly as possible. We usually ship within 5-10 business days of receiving your order.

What is the optimal temperature for a near infrared sauna?

We recommend using your sauna at 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit. We include a digital thermometer with each full sauna so you can be sure you are in the right temperature range. You can vent the sauna by opening the curtain if it gets too hot.

Will the sauna harm my floors?

The light and heat should not harm your floors, but the toxic sweat dripping off your body will over time. We recommend laying down 2 towels beneath your stool to cover the floor of the sauna. If the towels become soiled with sweat, simply throw them in the wash and the lay them back down before your next session.

What kind of light bulbs should I purchase?

We recommend purchasing four (4) 250W red heat lamp bulbs with an R40 base. Philips, GE, Sylvania, Havel-Sli or Feat are good brands of bulbs. These can be found at your local hardware store or online. The bulbs we most prefer for cost and reliability are linked below.


What kind of stool should I sit on?

We recommend using an unfinished wooden stool. The stools below from Amazon are popular choices for our clients who do not already have a stool at home to use. You will want to lay a hand towel over the stool to prevent absorption of sweat.



where can i find more information about sauna therapy?

The best available information on near infrared sauna therapy is Sauna Therapy by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.


is your sauna approved by Dr. Lawrence wilson?

Yes, both our sauna and light panel are approved for sauna therapy for detoxification and healing by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

What is the EMF output from the light panel?

With all 4 bulbs illuminated, at a distance of 24" from the light bulbs, the EMF output is 0mG. At 18" from the light bulbs it is 1.2mG. We do not recommend sitting closer than 18 inches to the bulbs due to the high heat output. When 3 bulbs are illuminated, the EMF output is 0mG at 18" or more from the bulbs.

What kind of wood do you use?

We exclusively use poplar wood in our sauna frames and basswood in our light panels. When in the sauna, the wood barely gets warm due to its low moisture content, so we expect zero to minimal off gassing to occur from the wood.

Can you make the sauna a different size?

We can, within limitations. It needs to be large enough for safe use, making a minimum depth of 42 inches. Altering the size of the sauna frame requires significant extra work for us, so there is a $250 customization fee. If you wish to make the sauna larger, to accommodate two people at the same time, there would be an additional material charge on top of the $250 customization fee.