About healing hut saunas

Healing Hut Saunas is a 100% veteran-owned and woman-owned business that seeks to make the healing power of near infrared light available to the widest range of customers possible, by keeping our prices low. We make every product to order, reducing overhead. 

We source our wood from the United States. Our canvas is 100% cotton duck canvas in a 10oz weight. The canvas is sanforized (preshrunk without the use of any chemical additives) to reduce off-gassing while in use. 

Kelly Storrs and her husband design and make all of the products they sell. They love tinkering with aesthetic and performance improvements and are continually striving to make better products for their customers. They are passionate about reaching military families and helping them deal with the physical and emotional stresses of military life. Be it service members returning from deployment or family members remaining at home, sauna therapy can help reduce the stresses of military life for everyone. Active duty and retired military receive a 10% discount on all orders.

As a charitable outreach, for every 20 saunas sold, Healing Hut Saunas donates one to a fire station. To be considered for this benefit, please contact us via the website form or via email.

As a certified nutritional balancing practitioner, Kelly works with clients all over the world to improve their health and vitality naturally. Near infrared sauna therapy is an integral part to healing her clients. To learn more about nutritional balancing visit To learn more about Kelly and her healing journey, visit

The canvas and wood used in our saunas are sourced from the USA and manufactured in Virginia Beach, VA.